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Shopping @superdryusa #sdu (Taken with Instagram at Superdry)


Shopping @superdryusa #sdu (Taken with Instagram at Superdry)

Super Study Swag

So finals are approaching and that means all-day cram sessions in the library, frequent runs to Starbucks, overnights at the local Denny’s, and worst of all… the attack of the sweatpants and trucker hats, circa Ashton Kutcher 2004.

However, there’s hope thanks to Team Superdry! Check out these vintage joggers… it’s Superdry’s take on sweat pants. Sometimes I wear basic sweatpants, and though sometimes I feel like I’m channeling my inner Jermey Lin and or my inner hiphop choreographer, none these things I’m not. (I can’t dance, and though I’m Asian, I don’t ‘ball so hard,’ Kanye West.)  Furthermore, I’m also, what they call in the fashion world… husky… therefore, why would anyone choose to go out in public in something that makes them look bigger, wider and sloppier? Ditch the old school Fruit of the Loom five dollar sweats and invest in a pair of these Superdry Joggers. They’re made with a cotton-poly blend for comfort, but they’re made to fit… actually fit the body as opposed to wearing sweats over a pair of basketball shorts. They’re all sorts of classy, well as classy as sweat pants go, throw a Superdry graphic T on and maybe an Iced quad grande cinnamon dolce extra ice americano to accessorize, and you’re sure to be the chicest student on the second floor library. 

Fashion is important, you never know who you’ll meet or who you’ll run in to. Don’t take the risk of looking busted. If you’re in need of comfort, still invest in your clothing, because you can still be comfortable without sacrificing style.

Have a good week team Tumblr!

follow: @the_tylerjames

Superdry Spottings:

Krystal and I have been working hard towards operation SUPERDRY SATURATION on campus. Check out students from all different kinds of student groups and UMN organizations repping the Superdry Swag. Tuesday, May first, I will be doing another Superdry Saturation Station in the Coffman union to get rid of the rest of my swag. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next person to get your Superdry Swag on.

As always there’s still a month left in our Superdry Semester (I’m just full of alliteration today!) Always be watching for the Superdry Black n’ Red backpack, you’ll never know what I’ll have for you ;)

Follow me: @the_Tylerjames

Now that it is slowly warming up it is time to pick up some new great pieces. This twill trailer tie shirt and standard piped jeans are two super cute new items. Make sure you stop into your local store your check out

With these two pieces alone your can mix and match with tons of other Superdry items!



This weekend was beyond epic, the crowd went wild for a chance to get free Superdry goodies. We had a fun trivia game getting the people involved. Hope everyone had a great time.

Twitter: Krystal_peal

This weekend Superdry was honored to be a part of the Black Student Union’s Ebony Ball. Here is photographed some of the raffle winners from the event. We raffled off 5 graphic T’s along with two pairs of headphones and a $200 shopping spree! The event was beyond fabulous and Superdry was the icing on the cake.

Twitter: Krystal_Peal

The Superdry Lumberjack

I’ve been doing Superdry Events and have conversed with enough people about the brand and it seems that I always get the same question:

"So what is Superdry known for?!"

Of course, naturally, I say strong urban/Japanese inspired pieces with clean, classic British tailoring. I go on to mention, great leather jackets, windcheater jackets, jackets in general, awesome graphic tshirts, good denim, but I always forget to mention one Superdry staple that can be a staple for practically anybody. In Minnesota we call it a flannel, but at Superdry we call it theLumberjack.

It is a simple, yet trendy, tailored button down made with premium cotton. They come in all different styles and colors, in the winter or cooler seasons you can sport a Lumberjack with a hood attached to it. Or lighter weight cotton, for the warm summer season.

The Lumberjack that Disney Star, Brenda Song, is wearing, is perfect as an in between season look. Pair it with a great pair of Superdry premium denim, layer it with a graphic tee and jacket, or just wear simple with sleeves rolled up. Either way, you’re sure to be Superdry swagged out yo!

Therefore, what’s Superdry known for? Well, a bunch of stuff, but if you need something iconic Superdry, go with a Lumberjack, there’s a style and color for everybody. Message us and get 20 percent off your Lumberjack today.

follow: @the_tylerjames

If you’re in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, y’all need to come out to the PSA 18th Annual Fashion Show tomorrow (4/22)! Doors open at 5:30 in the Great Hall of the Coffman Union on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota.

Admission is FREE if you’re a UMN student and only $5 if you’re not.

Best part of all… SUPERDRY will be presenting 15 looks to walk the runway!

Today I did my first ever model fitting, and it was tons of fun. Like, seriously, I’m not just tumblelin’ that. I was totally having a Rachel Zoe moment as in, getting substitutes, having to find pins and such, finding shoes, cuffing pants. It was a total fashion moment.

The best part of it all was how excited the models and those rehearsing were that Superdry was going to be represented.

"oh my gosh! Can I just have this dress?!"

"Dude, Superdry I think is blowing all the other retailers out of the water!"

"I’m not sure what Superdry is… but I kind of love it…"

comments like that get me pumped for events like these. THAT’S WHY IF YOU’RE IN THE AREA COME OUT AND SUPPORT! Because not only is it good fashion it’s great people to. It’s gonna be a good show! Hope to see everyone there!

Follow: @the_tylerjames

Tonight Superdry UMTC participated in the second annual scrubbed into fashion event. Good music. Great fashion design, but most of all we were able to raise awareness and some funds for the Smile Network. Because like a Superdry technical windcheater, supporting a cause is always in fashion.

Follow: @the_tylerjames

Tonight Superdry UMTC participated in the second annual scrubbed into fashion event. Good music. Great fashion design, but most of all we were able to raise awareness and some funds for the Smile Network. Because like a Superdry technical windcheater, supporting a cause is always in fashion.

Follow: @the_tylerjames

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