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A letter of apology:

About a month ago, I posted a status about my total and complete disdain for cargo pants. I was passionate that the word cargo should be reserved for ships and safaris and was completely against people wearing clothes that didn’t serve a utilitarian purpose (come on, do you really put cargo in your cargo shorts?) I refused to try even Superdry cargos on in my first two shopping extrusions, wondering what company would hire a stylist that thinks me, Tyler-James Toledo, would rock a cargo pant.

I did my final shopping extravaganza on Thursday at Superdry, and I was feeling a little blue. Because I was wearing a lot of blue and es, because my time as Superdry swag ambassador is coming to a close, but also because I hate summer. Well… summer fashion. I don’t care for shorts all that much (though I do own a pair of great Superdry shorts, but I’ll save that for another blog), nor do I swim, therefore, swimwear is out of the question. It’s getting around that time when jeans and chinos are getting a little too predictive of me, and what is a fashion kid suppose to do?!

My partner in crime aka Krystal Marie Peal, was trying on some random things, so I said why not?! Besides the cargo pants were just outside the fitting room anyway, in fact, I’m pretty sure I walked out in the store (unaware!) in my underwear, very chic underwear, but underwear nonetheless, and I grabbed a pair of military green cargo pants. I put them on, KNOWING I’d hate them, rolled up the ends like a good little hipster, went out yelled for Krystal and she said… “oh my god you can totally rock the cargo pant..” WHAT?!?!?! Was she joking?! I looked in the mirror and there I was, a great colored neutral pant, with pockets on the side, not to hold things in, but to add esthetic awesomeness. The pant fit my butt like it was nobody’s business, and I’m not going to say I died for cargo pants.. but I said… “hmmm… I kind of like these.”

After gallivanting in the store in my new find and getting some complements from the Superdry MOA Stylists, I gave in and got my first pair of cargo pants since like… what? The fifth grade?

Therefore, I’d like to say I’m sorry. What? Just because I’m cute doesn’t mean I’m always right (though I’m right a lot of the time.) Cargos are in, just be sure that it’s a great pair of cargos that fit. Try a different color other than khaki for a cooler, cleaner look. You’ll be a believer. I promise.

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