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So I’m a little late on my blog updates:

I was out of town all weekend for a wedding and let me tell you, life sucks without free wifi. “There’s a Starbucks practically everywhere?!” Yeah, no… not in Southern Minnesota. However, I’m posting nonetheless and well, I’m rather thankful for this wedding experience.

Superdry won’t be designing Japanese inspired/British tailored wedding dresses soon, in fact, Superdry is rather far from formal. However, Superdry is not just about that London-Street look, they’re about finding great Superdry Brand pieces that help enhance and/or create a style of your own. So here’s a few tips on how to spice up a drab formal look into a Superdry chic kind of event.

The Leather Jacket: Leather jackets are all season kind of pieces. Let’s face it, churches and hotel banquet halls are always freezing inside. Furthermore, maybe it’s estrogen that causes you girls to get cold at random times, but it seems like girls are always cold! Now in most formal events, to fix this problem, you’d probably grab a pashmina, or a shawl… what are you 53? Kick it up by throwing a leather jacket over your strapless dress. Not only will it give you the warmth you need as you spend hours sitting in a cold chapel watching one of your random cousins get married, but you’ll look sexy, sophisticated and do I dare say it… better than the bride.

Espadrilles: I don’t get it, here these guys invite people to a wedding, sweet sixteen, debut, quince, what have you, and the invitations says “FORMAL ATTIRE..” but then they expect you to dance the night away on a dance floor, in your heels? How is one suppose to “criss-cross” during the chacha slide in six inch stilettos? Well, unfortunately, if you’re not the bride and or birthday girl and or Jewish girl making your way into the world you have absolutely no say on what to wear or not. If it’s formal dress code, don’t ditch your heels, instead throw some Superdry Espadrilles into your bag. They’re compact and lightweight so they’ll fit in any small bag, but also give the comfort and support you need when the DJ puts on Lil Jon. They come in a variety of colors to go with your outfit and let’s be honest all the ladies will be jealous when their feet start dying in the middle of the YMCA.

The Watch: and finally a little something for the guys. Superdry doesn’t really sell suits n’ such, but it’s a the little things that really help bring a look together. If you’re my dad, it’s usually cufflinks. If you’re a fashion-sexual, like myself, it should be a great tie bar or a colorful pair of socks. However, don’t forget your watch! I know, you check the time on your phone, but watches are underestimated accessories. They represent classic elegance. As in, I’m so sophisticated I check time with my watch and not my phone. This Superdry Emperor watch, can really bring that class and sophistication to your look, but also bring that Superdry edge that is so distinctly you. This way when your great auntie starts doing her own rendition of the Cha-Cha slide you can look at that watch and know.. it’s time to go.

There seems to be a theme within all my blog posts. As in, there’s a little something for everybody and every occasion at Superdry. Maybe it’s not obvious, but it’s a the little details that really contribute to somebody’s overall style.

Oh and I know that my wedding date and I are not wearing anything Superdry in that top picture, but let’s be honest, how good do I look in seafoam green?

Stay classy kids! Even if school is out.

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