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Superdry Solves my Fashion Pet peeves for Men:

So I have a bunch of fashion pet peeves. Both for men and women. Athletic crew socks with dress shoes, four-five-six button suits, suits without back vents, knit beenies when it’s not cold outside, eye glasses that aren’t prescription, running shoes with premium denim, sweat pants as pants, clothes that have a big logo or word on a part of the body that shouldn’t draw attention, (seriously why would you want the word “pink” on your butt?!) the list goes on and on… and some of these things can’t be fixed, but here are a few of my pet peeves that a quick stop or a “click” stop at the Superdry store or can help rid you of these bad fashion habits.

  1. Undershirts are meant to be under! - Here’s a rule of thumb: whatever department where a garment would be found in a store, should match the purpose, or place of a garment. For example, loungewear should be used at home on the couch and not at the mall, workout wear belongs at the gym and not a casual restaurant, and in this situation, underwear, is well.. UNDERWEAR. I can’t stand it when I see a guy wearing a undershirt that we all know was bought as a pack of five, $9.95 WalMart thank you very much Mr. V-Neck. Those are called undershirts, they’re meant to be worn under something. That’s why they’re so cheap! SOLUTION: Stock up on some Superdry underwear Vee T-Shirts. It’s still an undershirt, but it’s made with premium cotton, is nicely fitted and best of all, doesn’t look cheap! Wear it like the model in the picture and layer it on.
  2. Visible Underwear -Are you in a prison? Is your name Jared and did you just loose a ton of weight thanks to Subway? SAGGING IS NOT CUTE AND IT IS NOT IN FASHION, I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE FROM THE HOOD, A SKATER BOI - AVRIL LAVINE OR IF YOU JUST LOST A TON OF WEIGHT EATING OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN BREAST ON WHEAT! I guess, sagging is not really the huge issue though. Remember, fashion is a representation of your best self, why? Because what if you run into a celeb? a future girlfriend? a future boss? You never know who you’re going to meet, and do really want to risk lookin’ busted? That is why everything that could (even though it shouldn’t) be visible is incredibly important to be the best. Boxer shorts with little dinosaurs that mom bought when you were in high school, fruit of the loom walmart $9.95 multipack … NOT CUTE! Solution: the Superdry Bespoke Button Boxer. Why I love this boxer? Because it’s more of a boxerbrief, but with a boxer look, this means you look chic, but.. um… the parts are going to stay in nicely…?!?!?!  They come in neutral colors so nobody has to question your sexuality and if you drop something and have to bend over everybody will know that you have great taste just by looking at that waistband.
  3. Plaid and a bright graphic t and a colored pair of flip flops and a colored hat and a…There is such a thing as too much color and too much pattern. Bright colors and plaids are always in for the season, but many men and women don’t practice what I call the neutralizer effect: If you’re going to wear a super bright or big patterned article of clothing you need to neutralize it, or water it down with a subtle neutral color. For example, I have a great pair of cobalt blue chinos, that are.. VERY BLUE… therefore, I got to get my neutralizer effect on, I pair it with a simple light grey button down, or a clean classic white Tee. Superdry has these great Washbasket Plaid shorts that look awesome, but could go wrong if paired the wrong way. Here’s the trick with plaid, it’s the same idea as the neutralizer effect: pick up one color from the plaid and pair with a shade similar to that color. Like in the picture: the short has some blue and it’s paired with a navy polo. (notice to how the shoes and hoodie are grey… hello, neutrals!) Now you’ll look put together casual as opposed to just umm… “casual..”

I could go on and on about all my pet peeves and how Superdry can solve them, but this is tumblr. I think Superdry should get me to write a book.

In other news, I can’t believe I just wrote a whole paragraph about proper men’s underwear. Wow, where is my life heading?

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