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If you’re in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, y’all need to come out to the PSA 18th Annual Fashion Show tomorrow (4/22)! Doors open at 5:30 in the Great Hall of the Coffman Union on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota.

Admission is FREE if you’re a UMN student and only $5 if you’re not.

Best part of all… SUPERDRY will be presenting 15 looks to walk the runway!

Today I did my first ever model fitting, and it was tons of fun. Like, seriously, I’m not just tumblelin’ that. I was totally having a Rachel Zoe moment as in, getting substitutes, having to find pins and such, finding shoes, cuffing pants. It was a total fashion moment.

The best part of it all was how excited the models and those rehearsing were that Superdry was going to be represented.

"oh my gosh! Can I just have this dress?!"

"Dude, Superdry I think is blowing all the other retailers out of the water!"

"I’m not sure what Superdry is… but I kind of love it…"

comments like that get me pumped for events like these. THAT’S WHY IF YOU’RE IN THE AREA COME OUT AND SUPPORT! Because not only is it good fashion it’s great people to. It’s gonna be a good show! Hope to see everyone there!

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